MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD emerged essentially out of the need to provide timely and quality services to the very dynamic Nigerian business environment. Under the prevailing circumstances which are characterized by global economic turbulence and fluctuating oil prices with cost levels flat or at best decreasing at a much slower pace, the country is in dire need of pragmatic solutions and practical strategies from forward thinking professionals with ample knowledge of diverse industries. Incorporated as a limited liability company in accordance with the statutory laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , the company has within a short period of its corporate existence undertaken a few challenging projects and has accumulated skills and experience in procurement, environmental services, project management services and related engineering works.

Today, with her highly experienced workforce and strategic partnerships within and outside Nigeria, MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD has the capacity to play the role of main contractor on medium and large-scale projects and perform project management services to coordinate specialist trade for industrial/commercial projects. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with a feeling of assurance whenever we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow-through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution phases of our processes.


MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD has one clear vision: to be the leading provider of professional services in Nigeria.

This means more than just having a strong client base. MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD is positioned to provide services to diverse industries.

Being the leader means investing in developing throught leadership, spearheading industry debates to help keep our firms’ clients at the forefront of progressive thinking, and giving our people the skills and knowledge to provide the quality, customized services our clients want.

Our objective is consistent, high-quality, specialized service delivered on a global basis in each region where oil and gas companies operate.


Safely is the only way we work.

MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES adheres strictly to the highest safety standards in the industry. We maintain high standards of safety and care is taken to educate our teams on the hazards of specialised operations.



MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD is an equal opportunities employer. Our people are very crucial in the delivery of our quality services and solutions to our clients. In a bid to ensure that everyone is equipped with contemporary skills, knowledge and attitude, a comprehensive training programme is put in place to ensure periodic upgrade of our people in technical and management related matters.

MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD works with a team located in the area where the project is to be carried out. Depending on the complexity of the technology involved, different centers of excellence will assign personnel to support the specific requirements of the project. Our HR procedures facilitate and promote local employment to further the group’s expertise and diversity. Effectively staffing a project team goes through a complex process which includes;

  • Identify candidates in existing staff, and ultimately through external sources
  • Process CV’s
  • Obtaining client’s approval
  • Initial interview by HR and technical departments
  • Face-to-face interview



MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES has initiated the process of implementing a Quality System that will meet the requirement of all its Services. Also, MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES has implemented the Environmental Management System which meets the ISO 14001 certification. To ensure that there is zero incident and utmost priority is given to environmental protection. We have a stringent Environmental Policy within our HSE plan and part of this covers our Zero Dumping/Zero Disposal policy in all possible operations.

The monitoring of personnel is taken seriously and all efforts are made to keep the working environment safe.

We have a firm belief in providing the right training, accredited certifications and practical experience for our people in order for them to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently. Our aim is to remain relevant in this very dynamic industry.



MEDICUS MULTI-SERVICES LTD have the capacity to deliver an expansive range of premium professional services designed to meet the very dynamic needs of the Nigerian economy.

Our strategic local and international partnerships were forged to ensure that client satisfaction is of utmost priority.

The operators we work with appreciate our reliability, technical competence and professionalism. Our clients benefit immensely from the innovative technology we deploy in our operations as it has the tendency to speed up our delivery time and lower their costs significantly. Our core services are in the following broad areas;


Engineering Procurement services




Manpower supply



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